Thursday, August 27, 2009

John Fucking Rabon vs. Bum Part XXVIII

At the Shell Station. I'm about to start my car after putting gas in the Honda, and this little panhandler in standard bum attire runs up to the car.

Him: Yo, yo yo yo, buddy! Hold up...

Me: No, dude, don't even get into your pitch.

Him: Huh? My what?

Me: Pitch. Presentation.

Him: No, man, can I get --

Me: LOOK AT THE GAS PUMP. I just put $1.25 of gas in my car. Fucking sad. Do you think I have any money for you? I should ask you for money.

Him: Aight. Aight. (he starts walking away)

Me: Yeah, I've got bills to pay! Give me a dollar! Hey, don't ignore me! Where are you going? I need bus fare!"

I then began laughing uncontrollably.