Monday, November 29, 2010

Okay, Now What Do I Do?

There's nothing like being bored AND broke.

I'm restless...I don't want to watch TV, read a book or play a fucking game. I have a cigarette, then count how few I have left and immediately regret smoking that one.

I sleep, stare at the clock and drink coffee. This week, I will add "look for a job" to that list. I feel lost sometimes.

I've been listening to the radio for multiple hours, specifically 107.7 The End out of Seattle. Remember growing up and listening to the radio at night while you thought about that guy/girl you like in high school? I've come full circle.

I'm hoping my nerves settle. I hope I can just calm down and enjoy the moment. I'm not in jail, rehab or dead. Be thankful, right?

But what do I do now?