Sunday, January 2, 2011


I feel like I'm in the plot of an independent film made by a pretentious asshole: Recovering addict comes home to reconnect with his family and himself.

Jesus, that sounds like an uncomfortable 2 hours. You could call the movie "Greenberg 2".

The hardest part about being here is finding something to occupy my time and brain (which is working overtime now that I'm not dumbing it with booze or drugs).

"Maybe you should write more."

Maybe you should suck it. Sorry, I know you mean well...but seriously, quit "helping". I'm working on it.

I worked out AND jogged yesterday. Hey, if you get the chance to smoke for 15 years then attempt to run a mile, enjoy the burning and coughing up of lung material.

A friend of mine said, "It sucks you had to move, man."
My reply: "At least you know I'm clean and sober here. Would you rather me be there making you wonder if I'm in jail or dead?"

'Nuff said.