Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ask Uncle Cranky: Yes, I'm Back

Uncle Cranky is not a professional therapist, nor does he have a doctorate in ANYTHING. He is a divorced alcoholic felon border-lining on bankruptcy, which means he has the life experience to tell you the truth without bullshitting you.
The following letters originally sent to Dear Abby.

DEAR ABBY: I recently started dating a wonderful man, but there's one problem: On several of our dates he was dressed like he was staying home to watch TV -- wearing dirty pajama-type shorts, ripped T-shirts, stuff I'd barely wear even if I were home sick.

I have gently tried to suggest he wear something else, but he has no concerns about his appearance. Any ideas? -- BAFFLED IN BALTIMORE

Dear "Baffled":
You live in Baltimore. I believe ironed shirts are like fucking kryptonite to guys there who would actually date you. Be happy with what you have, or get the hell out of that horrible city.
Uncle Cranky

DEAR ABBY: Before I met my boyfriend, "Cory," he had a married female friend he'd go out with -- dancing, dinner, movies, etc. He says there was no sex involved, and I believe him. He has asked me to be friends with her and her husband, and I have tried.
However, whenever she's around Cory, they ignore everyone else. She even tried to go on vacation with us! What really upset me was when Cory thought it was OK to ask if "we" could go out with her! It's like she has always been in our relationship.
I have told him they are (and have been) having a non-sexual affair. He's a wonderful man otherwise, and I know he loves me. How can I get her out of our lives? -- FEELING LIKE A THIRD WHEEL

Dear "Third Wheel":
He's banging her. Deal accordingly.
Uncle Cranky

DEAR ABBY: My mother and I had a debate about who should pay for dates. She thinks the man should pay, especially if sex is involved because "you don't want to give it away for free."
I disagree. I say the man should pay for the first, and maybe the second date. After that, they can agree to alternate.
I have been seeing a wonderful guy for about six months. I'm pretty sure I make more money than he does, but even if I didn't, I don't feel the need to be supported. I don't agree the guy should always have to pay. Times have changed since my mother dated. What's the general consensus on the subject these days? -- INDEPENDENT WOMAN IN MARYLAND

Dear "Woman":
Is this really the biggest problem you have right now? Why don't you turn on the news and see the turmoil, pain and death happening around the world and then go fuck yourself. You can pay for your self-copulation if that makes you feel better. It shouldn't.
Uncle Cranky