Friday, April 27, 2012


"Meditation is concentrating the front mind on a mundane task so that the rest of the mind can find peace." -- from "Layer Cake"

Ever since my stint at Lifetime Recovery, I've meditated on and off...I don't know why it has been difficult to do it on a consistent basis. You're basically sitting and fucking breathing. It's not like putting off laundry or some shit. But there you are...sleeping too late that you can't take the 10-20 minutes to just relax.

Eh, it happens. The thing about it is, some of you may meditate in your own way without you realizing it. The Vimalakirti Sutra introduced that anybody can be "enlightened"...meditation during every day life. Monks used to do walking meditation. I believe that if you have ever had a day where you were not stressed about something and you were at work...and you suddenly discover that an hour passed without you realizing were working without really thinking about it...that was a form of meditation.

I still need to make myself sit the fuck down and do it. However, my mind is the most at ease every day I'm at work between 6pm and 8pm, roughly. In the dishpit, the first half hour I'm figuring out my game plan...but after doing so, I set to the "mundane task" of washing pots and pans...and my mind just wanders...and apparently finds the temporary peace it needs.

Traditional meditation is fairly difficult because you attempt to clear your mind and focus on breathing. This is especially difficult for normal people...and it's hard when you are a recovering junkie, barely sane and have regular conversations with yourself. "Okay, crazy voices and sounds in my head...let's shut up for a second. I'm introducing my mantra. No, really...shut the fuck up!"

I loved the part in the Beatles Anthology where Paul McCartney talked about meditating with the Maharishi...and not being able to focus on his mantra.

I've often had an issue with focus. My brain likes to work overtime. But something weird happened recently.

For once, my brain was blank. I sat completely still. Deep breaths. No random thoughts. It was a peaceful, relaxing moment. Then...I heard something.

I think the best way to explain what I heard is through YouTube:

I'm gonna work on that.

Fucking Outfield.