Tuesday, May 28, 2013


So, you could look at my night in different ways. One way would be that I tanked my set at the show I did, waited 30 minutes for a bus before I figured out that the buses are on holiday schedule, then had to walk and skate home for an hour and finally hurt my tooth eating old pizza.

Bad night. But not really.

I got laughs but just sucked the second half of my set...but it was a fun show and everybody performing made me crack up. I had a great time. And skating home? Shit, I like doing that anyway. It was a really nice night for it, and I didn't tire myself out, really, even if some of it was uphill. And hey, as I'm typing this, my tooth isn't hurting...and the goddamn pizza was free.

So. It really is all in my head...the feelings generating right now of being a little lonely...a little bored...a little unhappy. All that shit is temporary, and it tells me that I have a choice. I can either wallow in these feelings and sulk for no good reason, or I can choose to not believe my thoughts and go to sleep. Seriously, John...sleep and know that your brain, while currently manufacturing bullshit, will be fine when you wake...just like it was this morning (well, this afternoon).

You don't have to believe your thoughts. I'm off.