Monday, May 20, 2013

Closing Time...Cleaning and Talking Out of Our Asses

We were listening to Pandora while closing tonight in the kitchen. "Forever Your Girl" by Paula Abdul was playing. It was a little different from the punk or rap we normally listen to. Discussion about Paula Abdul's past, present and future ensued.

Cook #1: I think she's aged really well, even with all the booze and pills...

Cook #2: Yeah, well, Nick Cannon says she doesn't look that good in person.

Cook #1: Oh, well, if Nick Cannon says it...

Cook #2: Hey, he was the first African American on the Mickey Mouse Club.

Me: Really? So...he's like the Rosa Parks of Shit.

Cooks: ...

Cook #2: Well, you got me there.

(Nick Cannon was not on the Mickey Mouse Club. Just saving you a trip to Wikipedia.)