Saturday, May 25, 2013

How The Internet Assists My Brain In Distracting Itself

Time to write something. What should I listen to tonight? I am definitely in a Radiohead mood. Not Pandora, let's listen to a whole album.

(opens new browser window, loads Grooveshark)

Listened to OK Computer a couple of times this that's a good one. Maybe The Bends? Jeez, which one is my favorite, I wonder...Kid A is their best possibly...Whoa, I haven't listened to Amnesiac in forever.

(opens new window, googles Kid A vs Amnesiac)
(ends up on message board reading opinions from 2001 for way too long)

Get the fuck out of here, they were both recorded at the same time! Thom Yorke is brilliant. Ooh, I gotta post that one I like...which song is it?

(new window, pulls up Wikipedia, searches "Amnesiac")

Oh right..."You and Whose Army". "I Might Be Wrong" is a close second I think.

(new window, pulls up YouTube)

Seriously...if I was a musician, listening to Radiohead would make me throw out songs I write. Gotta be irritating. It's like me writing a bit and then making the mistake of listening to Louie.

(searches Louis CK on YouTube since that window is already up)
(watches Louie clips for way too long)

Wow. I'm just amazed...rednecks at a DC show heckling. Rednecks are forget that. That was from 2006...that was just when he was starting to break out of his usual act...A lot can happen to your life and your art in just a couple of years. It really is amazing that...

Wait, it's already 3am? What the fuck happened? Shit.

So...Amnesiac then? Yeah, I'll listen to that one.