Wednesday, June 19, 2013

For Jen T


I met you in December 2004 at the Jackalope. We had mutual friends, and started talking at the bar. We then proceeded to get drunk as hell and annoy everyone around us. We then proceeded to do that many more times. Platonic, pool-playing drinking buddies.

You are the only person I've ever left a message for on a bar napkin in a bar in my drinking career.

However, unlike most of my bar friends, we became good friends within our social circle. You have always been one to just come out and call me on my tell me what you really think, without sugar-coating anything. And I've always been your friend to do exactly what you ask me to when possible...even if that was to slap the shit out of you in public...which I did. (Sorry...but you did tell me to.)

You were also one of the first to really recognize when my barfly routine started going south. And you told me you were concerned. Even though I didn't want to listen, I still heard you.

A lot of good times, and some serious bad times over the past 8 1/2 years. You visited me in rehab (thanks again). You unwisely answered drunk calls from me (don't miss those, do you).

A year ago you gave me a verbal ass kicking that I needed and that ultimately led to me deciding to quit drinking once and for all. The 6 months I was away just sealed the deal...reinforced the decision. You get the assist.

When we stumble in life, we need true friends who are there to pick us up and help us keep moving forward. Thank you for being there every time I've fallen. I can never repay you.

Happy Birthday. I regret I cannot get you a gift due to a lack of I wanted to let you (and anyone who reads this) know what you mean to me. Everything. The world. I love you to death.

Your friend,